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Q&A Case Study Nucor Corporation

Nucor Corporation: The Art of Motivation

1. What does Nucor's approach to managing its people require of managers?

2. Suggest several ways that a company might encourage its more experienced workers to listen to ideas from newer employees.

3. What might an organization do to preserve its culture among newly hired employees and those who arrive through acquisition?

4. Guaranteed pay at Nucor is considerably lower than that of the industry. Yet Nucor workers earn much more in total compensation than comparable workers in their industry Why?

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1. Nucor's approach to managing people is not totally unique but is generally found in much smaller companies. You see at Nucor the art of motivation is basically focused on front line staff. They not only talk to them but listen as well. Often risks are taken on front line staff's ideas. For managers at Nucor it requires them to talk, listen, get to know their staff and have passion for the company. Nucor has a definite culture and managers have to represent that culture and be a living example of it. At Nucor more than steel is produced, knowledge is produced as well. Although Nucor's strategic plan is a great one it is not an easy one to adapt since managers must get past command and control (a dominating model in American business) and trust their employees as well as sharing corporate wealth.

2. This is a position that many find themselves in where you are managing or working with new employees. Training, and in this instance training for supervisors is an absolute must. It is great to know these experienced workers are there and one thing a company should already have done is to ...

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