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How to Create a Development Plan for Human Resources

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You are the regional training manager of a subsidiary of a company that competes with Proctor and Gamble. One of the product managers, Manager Greg, has invited you to a meeting. Manager Greg has a unit with low morale, poor communications, and low engagement.

His group is composed of 20 project /product managers that develop new products for the organization. They just completed a leadership training program and it does not seem to have changed his organization. He does have about five high performing managers. He believes that a good employee development plan will improve the performance of his team. He would like to know what kind of development approaches he could use and what would you recommend that he implement - and why?

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A development plan is the process of determining goals for a person's career. Individuals submit a written copy of what the goals they wish to accomplish during the course of their career however for a team the manager is responsible for creating team activities to increase the trust factor as a team. The manager is responsible for assisting the individual/team in reaching that goal by providing training or other resources. This process will ultimately improve the individual or team's job performance and build confidence and management skills, which helps the manager as well. Development plans can either be set for an individual or a team.

I would suggest manager Greg to implement a team development plan since he has a total of 20 project/product managers. With ...

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The solution provides steps on how to create a development plan for a team environment, each step is explained in terms of the caste study of Proctor and Gamble with reference.

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