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Risk Management in Human Resources

I need help with this discussion question. I'm not familiar with the Risk Management side of HR. I've pulled info from the reading but still need help.

Explain the primary functions of HR and the role in creating an organization's risk management strategy plan.

Identify the types of HR risks and explain how any are important to HR risk management strategy planning in your organization or one you are familiar with?

Explain what you consider preventive planning and risk management planning?

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The primary functions of human resources are involved with the people of the company. The main functions of human resources (HR) are those that involve policies for and about and strategies for people working within the company. Some of those functions are recruiting and training of company employees, the organization's design and development, performance and evaluation of employees, employee relations, change and information management, and compensation/benefits/rewards. The policies that are undertaken by HR relate to any or all of these functions.

The risks involved are also people related. People can create problems or they can solve them. The risks include people not performing well in their ...

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Risk management in human resources are examined.