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HR Risk: Management's Primary Responsibilities to Employees

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Discuss the HR role as it relates to managing Risk Management. The assignment is listed below.

Locate an article (any source) on one best practice exercised by any HR management. This could be your own organization, if there is an article or newsletter, or a famous organization or one that has a supporting article to include.

Article on hiring strategies which is on the right side of the screen on this site.

Identify HR's role in managing risk management and the responsibilities of the human resources department to employees and NOT the employer.

Clearly state if the organization you are describing is private or public sector this impacts the responsibilities or and activities of risk management for numerous objectives or compliance concerns.

Appraise the practice described and be mindful in your assessment of a best practice that is a primary responsibility in the management profession.

Describe how this best practice could be applied to your organization or one with which you are familiar.

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In most organizations, the Human Resources department plays a critical role in risk management, as it applies to the safety and well being of workers. The article presented by Bernard Erven of Ohio State University discusses many ways human resources can address risk management that not only reduces the potential for accidents, but also makes the workplace a more positive environment that affects both workers and the organization. The author describes what should take place to prevent injuries and accidents, as well as how Human Resources can make the workplace more desirable and reduce turnover. The roles of human resources in the farming industry include training workers on injury prevention practices. Additional roles include allowing workers to have as much autonomy as possible, in contributing to ideas and processes that may make the workplace safer and operate more efficiently.

Erven uses the farming industry as an example of practices in risk management that are effective. Whether the farm employs 2 or 200 workers, ...

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