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    Four functions of managers

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    I need help in a creating an 800 word job description using the following scenario.You have been asked by HR to produce and coordinate a job description for a service department line management position in the services department. You are happy for this opportunity because you have witnessed several of the workers on the line become newly promoted managers, only to fail and return to the service department. In one instance, your friend, Hal, was so unhappy about the experience that he left the company. You hated to see this happen, as Hal had been a good friend, and you felt the entire unfortunate situation could have been avoided.

    Now is your chance to help prevent future replays of this painful (and for the company, expensive) occurrence. In your job description, fully describe and explain the four functions of managers so the next applicant will better understand the complexities of managing people. Use as many concrete examples as you can, in the context of a production line in a company.

    Remember the name of the company is Auto Sales, Inc.

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    Job description:

    Job Title: Manager- Services department

    Report to: Director- Administration

    Purpose: To manage and oversee the functioning of the services department and ensure highest quality service to customers and adherence to corporate goals and objectives.

    Duties/Responsibilities: The line manager in the services department is responsible for managing the complete operations of the department and ensure highest quality service to customers. Some of the major responsibilities include:

    1) Planning: The line manager will be responsible for conducting overall planning and forecasting for the services department, including yearly and monthly plans related to yearly/monthly targets, goals and objectives, monthly and yearly budgets, new initiatives, recruitment and training, etc. For example, if line manager is planning to introduce a new technology in the department, he should present such plans to the management in advance, along with requisite resources, training needs, benefits sought, etc.

    2) Organizing: The line manager is responsible for using the ...

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