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    Yoshi about American cultural norms relevant to new automotive factory in US

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    Yoshi Yamakawa was raised and schooled in Kyoto, Japan. He was taught English during his Elementary and High School years. He has traveled abroad, mostly to S. E. Asia for business. Yoshi has accepted a position as plant manager of his Japanese firm's new automotive component factory in Northern Alabama. One of his first tasks is to hire and train American employees for the production line. Five of his seven floor managers will accompany him to the USA from Japan. Two others are Americans with several years of experience each with US automotive component manufacturing operations in Detroit, MI. Yoshi knows that American cultural norms relevant to the workplace are considerably different from those in Japan.

    He has hired you to advise him. What will you tell him? How? Why?

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    I would tell him that Americans prefer English and are not usually highly educated in other languages, so command of English is very important. Every written or oral instruction should be open to discussion to prevent miscommunication, especially due to language issues. Americans also prefer to work as independently as possible, with directions given as to what is expected and when, but how to do it is different. People like input into their work and this input can help establish trust between ...

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    The expert determines how to advise Yoshi about American cultural norms relevant to new automotive factory in the United States.