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International Business

True False

1. In new bargaining relationships, discussions about procedural issues should occur before the major substantive issues are raised.

2. Halo effects can be positive or negative.

3. Gathering information about the other party is a critical step in preparing for negotiation.

4. Negotiation situations have fundamentally the same characteristics, with several characteristics common to all negotiation stuations.

5. The more you can do to convince the other party that his or her costs of delay or aborting negotiations will be quite high, the more likely he or she will be to establish a modest resistance point.

6. A common goal is one in which all parties share the result equally.

7. In brainstorming, participants are urged to be spontaneous, even impractical, but should also censor others' ideas.

8. Parties feel better about a settlement when negotiations involve a progression of concessions.

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