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    International Business Influenced by Labor Force

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    Consider the following scenario: Your company sells its products in many different countries. The Director of Exporting and Trade has decided to take on a number of interns over the summer to help the company communicate with its outlets within the various foreign countries. The interns, who are studying to get their Associates Degree in Business, are going to need an introduction to international labor if they are going to be able to communicate with the various countries.
    Write 350-700 word memo explaining the basics of how labor forces influence international business.
    Include information on labor quality, quantity, and mobility as well as minorities, the labor market, and labor unions.
    Reference in APA format

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    //Prior to talking about the influence of labor forces on international business, we will discuss about the International Business in general terms to enhance your learning skills. So, firstly we will write about International business under the heading of introduction, for example: //

    International Business:

    International Business can be defined as business which concerns with the trading of products & services across national boundaries to fulfill the growing organization and individual needs outside the home country. International business includes transactions of economic resources, i.e., products & services, including the skilled labor force, transportations, technology, etc. (Johnson, & Turner, 2003). In the international business, the efficacious control and management of workforce issues concerning to various countries is realized as the major determinative factor that greatly affects the international business or an organization. Thus, it is a very challenging task to manage international business.

    // We talked above about the international business, that is, business across the national borders. As per directions, now we will talk about the influence of labor forces on international business. In this part, I am just providing a brief overview to enhance your knowledge. You are free to add more in this part, which you find suitable.//

    Influence of Labor Force on IB:

    In the international market, management of the labor forces is highly complex as different countries have different labor mix, like one country ...

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