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Evaluate the dynamics among the moderator and participants in different focus groups.

Evaluate the dynamics among the moderator and participants in different focus groups. Also, analyse the findings of these findings with regard to the effectiveness of focus group interviews as a data collecting strategy.

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Analysis of Dynamics among Moderator and Participants
A research study is conducted to find-out the exact solution of a problem, so it requires unbiased person, who could be able to lead and gather the required data effectively. So, moderator is an unbiased leader that leads the research process from the interview of participants that could be members of different focus groups. Generally, moderator comes from outside of the organization therefore; the relationship between moderator and participant is important for the success of data collection from different focus groups. The mutual relationship of moderator with focus group participants can assist the moderator to know the attitudes, impressions, or experiences of participants regarding the research problems (Litosseliti, 2003). Hence, the dynamics between moderator and participants plays a crucial role to lead the interview processes and eliciting responses for the significance of research study.

A moderator could be able to make the differentiation between focus group responses (Hennink, 2007). The interaction process gives the positive energy to both moderator and participants. It could help the moderator to better understand how to interrelate with focus group people and how to determine quality for a discussion with available participants. On the other hand, the positive dynamics supports the focus group members to know how to perform in front of other group members that would increase the validity of information and gathered data (Cargan, 2007). It ...

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The dynamics among the moderators and participants in different focus groups are determined.