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    Drug Addition and Likelihood of People to Remain Sober

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    "Drug Addiction and the Liklihood of People to Remain Sober After Treatment" research project

    Information is needed on:
    A) Relevant instruments used for the project
    B) A discussion of the limitations

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    I propose a two-tiered research methodology, which would consist of two different instruments.

    The first one would be a survey that the individuals fill out on their own. It could be administered in treatment centers, and done by paper and pen. This might be the only way to get our very unique sample of people who are sober after they were drug addicts.

    For more general surveys, normally the procedure would be to email out a survey invitation, and filter out our sample by asking qualifying questions, however, in this case, it would not work. Firstly, not many people would admit to their drug history, therefore, the researchers need to go to where the sample size is accessible.

    The participants will be told that their results are 100% confidential, and they they will in no way be associated with their name. This will hopefully give them some security and allow them answer honestly.

    The instrument will be a survey that will hopefully be under 10 minutes to complete. Any longer and fatigue will set in, biasing the results.

    As well, the survey needs to be written in clear, simple language so make it easy for everyone to understand and process the questions.

    The survey can ask questions such as their drug history, what treatment they ...

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    Drug addition and the likelihood of people to remain sober are determined.