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    Phoenix House

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    Write in your own words information relating to Phoenix House. Be sure to include the following information:
    - General ethical dilemmas in the human services profession
    - Ethical dilemmas that are faced by the specific services provided by
    Phoenix House
    - Legal requirements placed on Phoenix House
    - Specific efforts required for compliance with legal requirements
    - Specific efforts by Phoenix House to assist employees in resolving
    ethical dilemmas
    - System(s) used to collect client/consumer information
    - Your perception of the unique challenges currently facing the human
    services profession.

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    The following guide will assist with your studies and help with the writing of your paper by expanding your knowledge on the Phoenix House and those it serves.

    General ethical dilemmas in the human services profession.

    The ethical dilemmas that face the human services profession are vast. Today's human service professional employed by the Phoenix House is exposed to juvenile drug and alcohol abusers as well as adult drug and alcohol abusers. The ethical dilemmas begin with denial on the addict's part and treatment and conformity on the human service professional's part.

    This means that the ethical responsibilities of the HSP are reflected through values to bring dignity and commitment to the individual through integrity. The needs of the client must come first even if a conflict of interest arises. All records must be kept confidential unless ordered by a court of law. The HSP has a responsibility to the client, to his or her colleagues and to the profession as a whole.

    Ethical dilemmas that are faced by the specific services provided by Phoenix House

    Each HSP must use ethics in his or her decision making to avoid any impropriety as conflicts of interest is the most significant ethical dilemma facing the HSP's at Phoenix House.
    The programs help those with addictions. In many cases, these individuals are outcasts of society who only know addiction as a way of life. The goals of the programs are to ...

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