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Video portion to accompany audio in advertisement

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What do you see happening that goes along with the audio for this commercial? Pretend you are a commercial film director and indicate how the visuals for this message should play out. Reproduce the written out commercial so that both VIDEO (on the left) and AUDIO (on the right) are placed appropriately on the page.

The Kal Kan file is an example of how to present your work. Please take a look.

I only need to do Brookwood TV (VIDEO) part to relate (AUDIO) part.. Just like the KalKan sample.... Please help with ideas for this advertisement.

someone gave this idea

There is an old Star Trek episode in which Captain Kirk was accused of killing one of his crew members by ejecting a capsule with the person in it. The Captain was accused of murder and the prosecuting attorney suggested he hire the best defense attorney and he did. The defense attorney asked a very signficant question about the ejecting of the person--when you are looking to find someone on a starship, you PRESUME that person WANTS to be found--elaborate hoax in this case--the person DID NOT WANT TO BE FOUND. The charge of murder was dropped because the person was hiding on the ship.

A similar challenge exists in the case of teenage recovery from alchoholism and drug addiction. Until the teen has had enough pain, no treatment center in thie universe can help that person get sober. In addition, even family and friends who are honestly trying to help are best served by attending Al Anon family meetings to learn about the nature of drug addiction.

Perhaps a visual that might work would be something like--when you've had enough pain--it's suggested that you call us for help--then cut to an image of a parachuter jumping out of an airplane--and say -- when you want to stop--it's suggested that you pull the ripcord--but it's not a requirement for jumping out of the plane--

I need to add a VIDEO part related to the AUDIO part. I don't know how to make it..

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To approach solving this posting assignment, you must study the example. You are to describe appropriate video images to match the given audio portion of a commercial about Brookwood, a treatment facility for drug-addicted teens. The audio is already given to you in the attachment, you must describe what video images will be ...

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Sample video portion to accompany given audio portion of an advertisement for Brookwood substance abuse treatment center for teenagers.

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