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    RFC 2045 & 2046: Top-level media types and sub-types

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    Clearly study RFC 2045 and RFC 2046 and name the various top-level media types and sub-types defined in it.

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    * Type audio: Audio
    o audio/mpeg: MP3 or other MPEG audio
    o audio/x-ms-wma: Windows Media Audio
    o audio/x-realaudio: RealAudio
    o audio/x-wav: WAV audio
    * Type example
    * Type image
    o image/gif: GIF image
    o image/jpeg: JPEG JFIF image
    o image/png: Portable Network Graphics
    o image/tiff: Tag Image File Format
    * Type message
    * Type model: 3D models
    * Type multipart: Archives and other objects made ...

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    Solutions clearly lists the top-level media types and sub-types defined in RFC 2045 & 2046