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Session Initiation Protocol

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Write a one page report on SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and how SIP is currently being used when providing the interface between the user and an application.

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Session Initiation Protocol Overview:
Session Initiation Protocol is the communication management infrastructure that allows creating, modifying, and terminating sessions amongst one or many communicators or users. Within the many layers of the internet-network namely the physical, network, transport and application, Session Initiation Protocol sits at the application layer providing front-end communication functionality. SIP can be used for various types of communication such as voice, video, instant messaging, chat, real-time helpdesk, and online gaming.

The key work-flow that occurs in a typical session in SIP is as follows:
- SIP initiates signal of a new session between users
- SIP triggers the Session Description Protocol (SDP) to mark the type of communication of session
- SIP makes use of the appropriate protocol to allow communication within ...

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This solution describes what Session Initiation Protocol is and how it is currently used in the Internet networking technology. SIP is a communication protocol that manages the infrastructure to create, modify, and terminate sessions between users and applications...

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