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    Creating a Press Packet to Publicize a Product

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    Help create a press packet that is delivered to different channels with the hopes of further publicizing the product.

    ? Resource: http://tektrekker.pbwiki.com/Tools-List

    ? Create two items for the press packet:

    o Write a cover letter to accompany the main communication piece. The cover letter must address the following:

    ? A description of your product and how it works
    ? Why is it beneficial?
    ? To whom are you sending the press packet
    ? Why are you sending it?
    ? Who the audience is for the main communication piece
    ? The optimal delivery channel for the main communication piece

    o Include the following in the main communication piece.

    ? This piece is directed at the end user of your product. Think of it as the sales pitch or the infomercial.

    o 10-slide PowerPoint®
    o 1 to 2 minute audio

    ? The piece must be a clear and concise communication about your product including such information as

    o what your product is and how it works.
    o what problems it solves for the user.
    o how to buy or obtain it.

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    The cover letter, PowerPoint and audio are enclosed. The audio portion may go as long as two minutes or as little as 90 seconds, depending on the speed of someone's speech. I timed it twice to get an idea of the average length of time. All three documents are attached.
    Larry Jones, Owner, Vice President
    Advanced Household Products, Inc.
    September 28, 2010
    Attention: Investors and Retailers
    I am writing to introduce a new household cleaning product that eliminates the common back strain associated with using typical vacuum cleaners on stairways and reduces the strain of pushing , tugging and toting a traditional product. The product I have developed is known as the Stair Creeper. This device is a vacuum cleaner with the capability of climbing carpeted or uncarpeted stairways and cleaning each step. The device is powered by a rechargeable battery, which will last from 90 to 120 minutes on a single charge. The ability to climb stairs is made possible with the addition of spring loaded feet(legs) that expand and contract. As the feet lift the vacuum to the level of the next step, the motor gently pushes the device forward. The feet then retract into the device. The machine is programmable to turn on and begin its job of cleaning the stairs at a specific time or within a specific time frame. It must simply be placed 18 to 24 inches from the lowest step, with the sensor facing ...

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    The solution creates a press packet to publicize a product - example uses a new household cleaner product.