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    Please answer the following questions. The answer for each question should be at least 200 words.

    1. The food service at the headquarters of a large corporation would like to determine how many people eat in the company cafeteria. List the survey methods by which this information could be obtained. Which method is best, and why?

    2. What are the responsibilities of the moderator of a focus group? What are two characteristics of a successful moderator? What are two behaviors the moderator should avoid? Why is the moderator so important to obtaining quality results?

    3. Visit the Gallup organization's web site at www.gallup.com. What survey methods have been used by Gallup in some of the recent surveys posted at this site? Why were these survey methods selected?

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    1. Surveys can be designed to collect a wide variety of information on many diverse topics. In this case, the topic is based on "decisions". The type of survey conducted would be a statistical survey, but there are several methodologies to consider including:
    - face to face interview
    - telephone interview
    - self administered questionnaire
    The survey methodology is based on the type of research question asked. In this case, researchers want to know "how many people eat in the company cafeteria?" This question is looking for facts, not opinions or beliefs, or behavioral traits. The best survey instrument in this case would be a telephone interview. For this reason, phone interviews are cheaper and quicker than face to face interviews. They also allow the interviewer to explain their questions and react to responses. Whereas, a face to face interview explain complex issues and include more in-depth answers. Finally, a self administered questionnaire is likely to ...

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    There are a few survey methods conducted by researchers. Researchers should conduct surveys based on the type of questions they want answered. In addition, researchers can choose more in-depth methods of obtaining results through focus groups. However, the moderator plays a large part in the quality of data obtained.