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Market Research Implementation Plan: Verizon Inc.

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I need help with a 150 word introduction for a Market Research Implementation Plan based on Verizon, Inc. will lower their FiOS Internet service. Address the following in the plan:

Conduct market research concerning the selected scenario using secondary market research resources.

- Locate an online resource. Identify the secondary research data from this resource that applies to your selected scenario and incorporate it into your Marketing Research Implementation Plan.

- Select two of the four market research tools you analyzed in your Research Tools Paper and develop at least two survey instruments, such as semantic differential, Likert Scale, and questionnaire, based on these tools.
Recommend sampling procedures for the implementation of the survey instruments.

APA standards.

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This solution provides an introduction for a market research implementation plan based on Verizon Inc.

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In this paper, a market research implementation plan will be developed for Verizon, Inc in concern to lowering their FiOS Internet Services. FiOS is one of the best services with regard to the Internet and TV service (Save Money with Verizon FiOS, 2009). The plan will be developed by ...

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