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Analyze scenario to lower price for their FiOS Internet service

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Resources: University Library, Internet

Develop a paper in which you examine the applicability of different marketing research tools to Verizon and the scenario of lowering the price for their FiOS Internet service.

I selected for my Market Research Implementation Plan: Problem Identification and Project Outline. Address the following in the paper:

o Select four different research tools.

o Compare and contrast your selected research tools.

o Analyze the applicability of the selected research tools to Verison. Which tool is the most applicable? Which tool is the least applicable?

APA standards

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The expert analyzes scenario to lower price for their FiOS internet service is examined.

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Verizon Communication Inc. is a leading company in the innovation of the broadband and wireless communication providing its services to government and its large customer base. It has a large customer base and it is also one of the most reliable communication company in the US. It also provides innovative solutions to the businesses. This company is formed in the year 2000 and listed in NYSE. The company operates through two segments, strategic business unit and organized products & services (Verizon, 2010).

Marketing Research Tools
The company is doing well from the time of its inception and in present it is trying to lower the prices of its FiOS internet services for which it needs different marketing research tools as these tools can assist the company in identifying the market size and trends along with the preferences of its customers. Following are the various marketing research tools along with their specifications and comparisons that the company can use to resolve its trouble with business problem of lowering the prices of its FiOS services:

? Surveys: The first and the foremost marketing research tool, which can be used by Verizon for undertaking marketing research is surveys. In this tool, with the help of concise and straightforward questionnaires, the company can easily analyze a sample group that makes up its target market. Surveys can be undertaken with the help of in-person surveys that are one-on-one interviews. This kind of survey ...

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