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    market conditions of Verizon

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    Current Market Conditions Paper.

    I am asked to analyze the current market conditions of Verizon. The two analyses that I have the most problem with are:

    1. prices
    2. technology
    I have no ideas as to how these two topics can be analyzed. Please provide references.

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    Let us first take the pricing part. Although US is facing slowdown and recession is gripping the market, the telecom companies such as Verizon can take a breather because consumers don't stop watching TV, using the Internet or making phone calls during recessions. Therefore, the pricing strategies of Verizon need not be too motivated by recession (although impact in some areas may not be totally outruled), but it should be more motivated by competition and rising expectations of consumers who want more value for their money. Verizon is so confident in these recessionary period that it hiked TV prices in April earlier this year. However, given the rising competition, Verizon will need to ensure money's worth to consumers by offering bundle of services for the same value.

    Some of the areas where Verizon is ...

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    I am asked to analyze the current market conditions of Verizon.