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    Analysis of Verizon Communications

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    Please provide some ideas on the following topics to help jumpstart my research of Verizon Communications:
    Marketing analysis
    SWOT Analysis
    Porter's Five Forces
    Recommendations to solve Verizon Communication Network Capacity Issues

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    Marketing Analysis of Verizon Communications

    The marketing mix that is used by Verizon includes the use of value-based pricing wherein the company offers different prices for different levels of quality in regard to high-speed services. Customers who want a less expensive option can choose Verizon Wireless while customer who want to attain higher speeds and more quality can choose Verizon Fios. The company utilizes the ability to offer higher prices because of their superior service. Therefore, the marketing mix is predicated upon the ability to ensure that all segments of society have access to the services that they need, and Verizon has been capable of accomplishing this feat.

    SWOT Analysis of Verizon Communications

    The Strengths that Verizon have are that the company is the largest and most profitable wireless carrier, it has the highest speeds and most reliable services, and is considered the company with most excellent customer service. It's LTE services are the most quality services available to consumers, and this allows the organization to ...

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    The Solution provides some notes and resources for researching Verizon Communications from a marketing perspective, providing a SWOT analysis and identifying the five forces. It provides some recommendations to address network capacity issues.