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GeneOne Leadership Model

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Write a proposal for facilitating change within GeneOne.

Determine two possible strategies that the remaining leadership of GeneOne could use to lead the company to two distinct but desirable outcomes while remaining an innovative organization.

Integrate the following into the strategies proposed:

Describe how these strategies could be implemented and how these strategies would lead to the desired outcome.
Explain how each strategy supports Gene One's desire to be innovative.


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GeneOne is biotechnology company that is facing a number of internal problems, however like most companies, the root of GeneOne's problems lied in a much less internalized issue. In this case, the creation and implementation of an IPO is causing GeneOne to experience a host of issues which require a transformational approach to leadership in order to be resolved. Among the issues, GeneOne faces communications issues, especially in regards to communication between executives and the employee base, as well as dilemmas in managing the group process and infrastructure. Here, let's looks at several other companies and benchmarks similar problems faced by GeneOne, then a summary and suggestions have been made regarding possible solutions for GeneOne.

Alps Automotive

Alps Automotive was established in 1977 and designs and engineers keyless entry systems, steering controls, and other electronic components for use in automobiles. Sales annually exceed $28 billion. In late 2007/early 2008, Alps' IT operations manager Brian Bauer faced a communications problem when trying to implement the company's just-in-time manufacturing solution. "When you're a global manufacturer, communications between your locations, vendors and customers must be seamless," Bauer reported. "We didn't have the timely communications we needed for just-in-time scheduling" (Kenney, 2008). Similar to the IPO implementation problems facing Gene One, Alps' problems were infrastructure-based. In order to implement an integration of voice, data, instant messaging and other telecommunications platforms, Alps needed a program that offered unified telecommunications services.

As a solution, Bauer and his team developed a streamlined approach that saved the company money and helped to bridge the gap between centralized management and employee relations. Bern Eliott, research vice president with analyst firm Gartner, has praised Alps' solution because it did "a thorough review of how individuals and groups are using their existing communications infrastructure, and then under[took] pilots and trials that could lead to improved processes" (Kenney, 2008). As a result, Alps increased profits and became a model for streamlined success. In this way, Gene One has the potential to affect its processes. Using Alps as an example, Gene One has the ability to streamline its management and leadership system. Involving all parties in the process helped save Alps and it could definitely make a difference to Gene One.


The Cellco Partnership was formed in 1984 ...

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A sample proposal for GeneOne and leadership change. Includes benchmarks and references.

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