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Analyzing 3 leadership models

After learning of the changes about to impact your department at EEST following the Ouest acquisition, you have approached your VP, whom you consider a mentor, to discuss how best to prepare yourself to guide your staff and meet the expectations of the new management. She has suggested that it might be appropriate to put in some study of different leadership models and to think explicitly about which ones might be effective in such a situation. Research the Library and investigate at least three (3) different leadership models. Use the Discussion Board to:

Describe each model
Identify the situations in which it is considered the most effective
List the advantages and disadvantages of following the model.

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Directive Leadership: The leader explains the performance goal and provides specific rules and regulations to guide subordinates toward achieving it. The Situation in which this leadership style is most effective are the situations where the timeliness and deadlines are non-negotiable, and results must be achieved on time and as required. Advantage of such leadership model is that leaders and subordinates remain focused and reach the desired objective. The disadvantage of such strict leadership model is that is it is based on leader's power and knowledge, leaving no room for employee creativity, autonomy or development.

Supportive Leadership: The leader displays personal concern for subordinates. ...

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This solution investigates three (3) different leadership models. It also discusses the situations in each model is most effective, as it also lists the advantages and disadvantages of the models.