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    Modes of Interventions Differentiation

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    Modes of Interventions Paper

    Differentiate between coaching individuals and teams and other models of influence (e.g. leadership and management). How do they differ from each other? When is it appropriate to use each of them?

    Discuss the differences in the context of various levels of a system.

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    Running Head: INFLUENCE

    Difference between Different Models of Influencing People

    In an organization, it is essential to enhance skills of the employees to achieve organizational objectives. Coaching could be defined as the process to make people enable in developing different skills. Coaching helps people to explore their potential through different tools and techniques (Bachkirova, Cox & Clutterbuck, 2009). There are also other means of influencing people in the organization like leadership, authority, relationship etc. The paper will discuss about the difference between individual and team coaching and models of influencing people in the context of Kudler Fine Foods. The paper will also discuss about the different methods of influencing individuals in the organization and their appropriate use within the organization.
    Individual & Team Coaching and Models of Influencing
    In order to get desired level of outcome from the people in the organization, it is very important to have remarkable influence on the people. There are various models to influence people within the organization. Coaching is one of the major models to influence people that could be used by Kudler. Coaching can be defined as the process of developing skills of the team members to achieve a common result (Clutterbuck, 2007). It is a direct interaction with the team members to influence them. On the other hand, there are also some other models like leadership, persuasion, authority and punishment etc. that can be used by the organization to influence people. But management of Kudler is looking the different in terms of different variables for using a single method of influence the teams within the organization that is as below -
    Cost effective: Leadership, relation, persuasion and punishment are very cost effective method of influencing people as compared to coaching. Providing coaching requires huge amount of resources and capital to implement in order to influence people as organization has to set the structure to provide coaching. On the other hand leadership, relationship and persuasion are the internal process of the ...

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    Modes of interventions are examined. The expert differentiates between coaching individuals and teams and other models of influence. The differences in the context of various levels of a system are discussed.