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    Cost Leadership, Differentiation, and Niche Strategies

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    Positioning Strategies-Cost Leadership, Differentiation, and Niche Strategies

    Review the following articles:

    ? Partridge, M. & Perren, L. (1994). Developing strategic direction: Can generic strategies help? (competitive strategy). Management Accounting (British), 72, 28, Retrieved September 13, 2007, from General OneFile via Gale.

    ? Treacy, M. & Wiersema, F. (1993). Customer intimacy and other value disciplines. Harvard Business Review, 71(1), 84-93, Retrieved September 13, 2007, from http://search.ebscohost.com/login
    .aspx?direct=true&db=buh&AN=9307305360&site=ehost-live. All database resources can be accessed through the Campus Common or log in to the EBSCO database with the username: argosy and password: arg8778.

    ? On the basis of your analysis of the two articles, write a paper describing how you would incorporate the concepts of positioning strategies and value discipline in your preferred new business development opportunity. Follow APA standards for writing the paper and citing sources.

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    Implementation of Positioning Strategies

    There are mainly two types of Positioning Strategies such as, Cost Leadership and Differentiation, which are used by the firms to attain impregnable position in the market. In order to incorporate cost leadership for developing business, I will suggest the company to focus on the cost management practices, economies of scale and cost-advantage scale, which in turn will assist it to attain its objective of becoming a cost leader in the related market. Company should also offer remunerative set of product attributes at lower prices as compared to its competitors, which will also help it to achieve its stated goal of becoming low cost producer or supplier. To incorporate the Cost Leadership Strategy successfully, it is customary for the organization to conduct a study on the methods of cost advantage, which in turn will help it in competing with the counterparts successfully.

    To incorporate Differentiation Strategy in the business, I will recommend the company to focus on the creative ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 623 Words, APA References