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    Four Competitive Strategies In A Company

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    What types of competitive strategies are the most effective?
    Will the same strategy work in most venues? Why or why not?

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    There are four main types of competitive strategies:
    (1) cost leadership
    (2) differentiation
    (3) low cost focus
    (4) low cost differentiation

    (1) Cost leadership strategy is used by large companies that can produce and/or obtain products a low cost due to economies of scale. These companies will sell the products to customers with a small markup to ensure that the price remains low. The purpose of the strategy is to be the cheapest provider of a good or service, which will make competitors have a difficult time matching this strategy. A small ...

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    The solution outlines four competitive strategies that a company will have to choose to make the company successful. Based on the type of company and resources available, a company will have to choose the best strategy.