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Universal Design with early years students

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Please discuss some challenges and succes that a teacher might have in designing their curriculum. Please give an example of how to make an application to a pre-k setting.

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Universal Design for Learning refers to the differentiation practice of designing into the lessons strategies to assist learners who might struggle with the content at the outset of the instruction, rather than waiting until some of the learners identify themselves as struggling by low scores, disengagement or misbehavior.

One of the most obvious challenges to applying Universal Design for Learning is that to effectively plan the interventions in advance that struggling learners will require, the teacher must know the students/content in order to anticipate what areas of the lesson content the students will stumble over. Otherwise, it becomes an exercise in "best guess," which an experienced teacher might handle very well, having taught the content often enough previously to have a pretty good idea what the students might most commonly have trouble with. A new or novice teacher, however, ...

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Discussion of Universal Design for Learning differentiation strategies for early years students, problems and challenges to overcome.

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