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    Universal Design for Learning

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    Lesson plan for Universal Design Learning, UDL. Why is it important in the learning environment? How can it can UDL impact the lives of learners both with and without disabilities? What will be the learning outcome of this plan?

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    I need help with a lesson plan for Universal Design for Learning (UDL) why is it important in the learning environment? How can it impact the lives of learners both with and without disabilities, what would be the learning outcome of this type of plan?

    Every student is different and very good at many different things. Howard Gardner an American psychologist was very interested in how people learn. His learning theory supports the belief of multiple intelligence. His theory describes eight different learning strengths that people may embrace. For instance, some students are really good at making things with their hands, but others are good at writing even listening; learning physically, work well in groups, patterns and abstractions, or good at working with numbers. Universal design learning is a learning environment that can accommodate individual learning differences.

    Start the process of UDL, in a learning environment using three principles:

    1. Present information in multiple formats and media
    2. Provide multiple pathways for student action and express
    3. Provide multiple ways to engage students interest and motivation

    The four interrelated components of the UDL curriculum require further explanation:

    a) Goals are typically described as learning expectations. They represent the knowledge, concepts, and skills students need to master and are usually aligned to state standards. Recent national discussions about Common Core Standards have heightened the ...

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    Teachers, leaders and educators today find various methods and approaches to meet the learning needs of our students. The expert has enclosed information that will promote universal learning for students with and without disabilities. Included is a lesson plan with strategies to enhance the learning opportunity. This packaged information is supported with a teaching and learning framework of Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence, (MI) learning theory.