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Validity and Reliability of Learning Assessments

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Search an article on ProQuest to read and review on an assessment topic that interests you. Then, answer the following questions:

a. What kind of learning is assessed in the article?

b. Was validity and reliability addressed in the article? How?

c. Do you agree with the information contained in the article? Why or why not?

My article is attachment

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The article discusses what is called Universal Design for Instruction. It is a means to help students that have special needs integrate to the general education classroom. The article is broken down into the key components of Universal Design for Instruction. The learning assessed in this article seems to center around Gardener's Multiple Intelligences Theory which states that all children learn differently. He proposed 7 "intelligences" that students may need to have adaptions for in order for them to learn in a manner that is best suited for them. Gardener states that there are Visual Learners, Auditory Learners and Kinesthetic Learners that all need different adaptions to help the realize their potential.

First, the article discusses Equitable Use. This is the adaptations made for those students with special needs. Books on tape, large print books and adaptive scissors are all used to help those students that need accommodations. ...

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Learning assessment review based on a ProQuest article. Includes validity and reliability of the assessment. References included.