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    Analysis of Verizon Communications: Network Capacity Issues

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    Need help with these recommendations for Verizon Communications to solve network capacity issues and congestion. Must have citations and evidence based. The recommendations are:
    1. Create C-Ran Technology to ease Verizon Network Congestion.
    2. Establish Software-Defined Networking (SDN) as a way to improve network efficiency.
    3. Increase Spectrum.

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    1. Create C-Ran Technology to ease Verizon Network Congestion.

    The company has established strategic plans that will allow it to deploy the Cloud-RAN network structure in collusion with its deployment of small cells and distributed antenna systems (DAS), which will increase its ability to provide the necessary data in urban markets and address network congestion issues that emanate from growing capacity requirements. The company will deploy these small cells of remote radio heads throughout their extended network and away from centralized base stations, which will improve Verizon's ability to add capacity to their growing network. This has already occurred ...

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    The Solution provides recommendations to solve network capacity issues for Verizon Communications.