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Focus groups : A useful source of data

With this week's Learning Resources in mind, as well as your own experiences, post your views on focus groups (exactly what is a focus group, the advantages and disadvantages) as a source of data collection. Do you think this would be a useful data collection technique for studies in which you are interested? Why or why not?

I am writing my paper on including the autistic student in the general education classroom. I am also taking the teachers attitude in consideration towards these students also.

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A focus group is a type of qualitative research where a group of people are asked about their opinions and beliefs towards a product, concept, advertisement, service or packaging. (Qualitative research is a type of inquiry that is conducted in various academic disciplines.)

Advantages of Focus Groups:
Group discussion produces data and insights that ...

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Focus groups are a form of qualitative research. These groups can be used a source to collect data in many areas including education. There are several advantages to using data generated from focus groups. There are also several disdavantages. If these groups are conducted accurately and honestly they can be an effective source for data collection in educational studies.