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Implications of Solomon Asch's Study

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I am working on an extensive assignment regarding the Solomon Asch study and would like some help on a couple of aspects.

First, how would you define the implications of the study's findings on how researchers and practioners interpret personality and personality related behaviors?

Second, how would you explain the study's implications for interpreting behavior in areas such as employment, social, personal, and research?

Any help would be appreciated.

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The implications of Solomon Asch's study are determined. Personality and personality related behaviors are determined.

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Firstly, let's reiterate what Asch's study was about.

Asch's most famous work revolved around a task where an individual was placed in a group of other "participants" in the experiment. These other participants were instructed prior to the start to pick a certain choice of answer to a question (ID the longest line on a picture) that was obviously wrong. Each participant would vocalize their choice, and the true participant would then choose and vocalize their choice. Asch found that a large number of his subjects would conform and choose the wrong answer to the question despite knowing that it was wrong.

How does this shape researchers and practitioners in interpreting behavior?

Consider the implications of Asch's studies: conformity in a group setting is very likely. This means that behaviors of individuals can be highly influenced, motivated and directed by the means and wishes of other individuals in the group. To this end, if behaviors are observed in a group setting for an individual, that behavior may not always be indicative of the personality of the individual, merely the context of the situation in which the individual may be more inclined to conform with the behaviors of others in the group.

A researcher or practitioner would have to be careful in elucidating what may be ...

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