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Solomon Asche's Line Study

Create a proposal for follow up to Solomon Asch's article 'Opinions and Social Pressure' (SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, November 1955 Volume 193, Issue 5):

An idea for a research question
An idea around the research methodology
A description of the theoretical framework which supports the hypothesis
An outline of the objectives the follow-up study may attempt to achieve

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Research Theory: How do principles of perceptual organization relate to person perception and perceived discrimination in a Solomon Asch paradigm?

Therefore, your research questions may examine how people develop discriminatory perceptions of others based on Solomon Asch's theory of perception.

Some background information as to the development of Asch's postulates on perception

Perception is the process by which persons recognize, organize, and evaluate the sensations received from environmental stimuli. A basic premise of perception was to understand how persons recognized, objects, shapes and patterns (Sternberg, R. J. (2003). However, other researchers found that perception was more than maintaining size, shape and depth of object; it ...

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This solution discusses the development of Soloman's Asch's views on perception.