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Rogerian Theory Concepts and Views

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A 28-year-old male,He has been diagnosed as Chronically Mentally Ill. lives with his mother and grandmother. Both his father and grandfather committed suicide in their early 30's. John is afraid that he is fated to join the male-dominated generational pattern. John is oriented to reality and does not appear to have any disturbances in perception or thought. He does appear to be severely depressed and anxious during the initial interview.


How would Rogerian concepts of personality and psychopathology apply to his situation?

How might the views associated with Phenomenology and the Self-Concept enhance the understanding of John?

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Based on the scenario, this solution explains how Rogerian concepts of personality and psychopathology would apply to his situation. It also describes how the views associated with Phenomenology and the Self-Concept might enhance the understanding of John. Supplemented with research resources on Rogerian theory and concepts.

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