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    The importance of instilling language early on in life

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    Discuss how neglect of talking to a child early in life can affect their language ability.

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    As the child progresses from one developmental stage to another, there are a lot of key facets that are learned. From speaking to a child and watching him/her explore the environment while utilizing the 5 senses, a lot of knowledge is acquired. There's a time period in a young child's life called "transient exuberance." This is process of rapid learning which occurs when the child is between birth and two years old (or within the Sensory Motor stage according to Jean Piaget). Speech is dealt with in the "Wernicke's" area (residing in the cerebral cortex). The Broca domain is needed for language production/language acquisition and resides in the frontal lobe of the dominant hemisphere. These areas of the brain generally advance and become more pronounced as the child achieves his/her developmental milestones and gets ...

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    Communication is an important skill and is crucial to be addressed early on in life. This posting will address the common precepts that are learned and acquired through communication and social interaction especially during the initial developmental years.