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Important Facts in Sociology

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List 6 important things from the sociology course will be remembered in 5 years. To include . . .
What I will remember: details, references, my understanding of the item/topic (THIS IS THE MAIN PART OF MY ANSWERS.)
Why will I remember it.
How I expect it will be important to me,
How it relates to other things I have learned in this course,
How my thinking may have been changed by it.

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1. What do you think of Socialization, Who Am I? Social Control and Deviant Behavior, Communities and I need one more. I am not quite sure how to write these, I am not very great at writing.

In terms of your choice of concept, it is not really what I think about these concepts. If they are important to you, these would be the ones to write about. However, another consideration is the amount you will be able to write about each concept. A good place to refer to, during trying to determine which concepts are linked to your chosen concept is a glossary of terms (see http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0072435569/student_view0/glossary.html and http://academics.triton.edu/faculty/mbotterweck/glossary.html, one which is attached for convenience)

For "who am I?the concept of "self?is a more specific sociological term (and you can explain the importance of learning about who you are) And for deviant behavior, the concept is "deviance?is more specific. Therefore, refined, the following concepts can be used for your paper. For the sixth terms, please refer to the glossaries for consideration.

a. Socialization is "the process whereby people learn the attitudes, values, and actions appropriate for individuals as members of a particular culture.?

b. Self e.g. who am I? Self: According to George Herbert Mead, the sum total of people's conscious perceptions of their own identity as distinct ...

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By example and discussion, this solution provides assistance in listing 6 important things from the sociology course could be remembered in 5 years, including ideas on the following: Why will I remember it; How I expect it will be important to me; How it relates to other things I have learned in this course; and, How my thinking may have been changed by it.

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