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Examining the different schools of thought in sociology

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In studying sociology there are two different schools of thought. The first is that the sociologist should study the facts only, without the interference of personal interests or values. The other thought is that the sociologist has a responsibility to not only learn, but to help improve the lives of others. To which school of thought do you subscribe? Explain why.

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I prefer the second. This might be because of my degree in conflict resolution, but it also has to do with my personal values of improving the lives of others, improves my life as well.

Sociologists are in a unique position of studying and learning about society and people. The study is not only on their behaviors, but what causes them. Macro points of view, such as the structures of the society can be a focus. Micro points of view can be as well. With societies we get to interact with history, events, people, and causes. Changes fascinate us and make us think more fully about what it means in the overall scheme of societies.

Just as important is understanding the differences in societies, what makes them how they are is fascinating. Societies have ...

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