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    Counseling Parents of Homosexual Kids

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    Can you please help me choose which counseling/therapy theory might apply to parents of homosexual children, i.e. critical race theory, feminist theory, social learning theory, family systems theory, etc?

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    I am supposing that you are being asked by your professor to decide on a therapy that can be used in helping parents cope with the sexual orientation/homosexuality of their children. If this is your topic, then I think you should choose a therapy that is not just applicable - but something that is in reality, easy enough to apply. The problem sometimes with choosing the right theory is that while the theory is sound, applying it is complex so that it does not work. So the simpler the theory is, the better, especially for students just beginning their foray into theory application.

    Let's say that the parents are middle-aged and the children are teens. This means that the children are still living at home. How can parents cope, how can they parent ...

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    The solution provides insight on the question of counseling theories applicable to parents of homosexual children. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.