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    Loss and counseling strategies articles

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    I need assistance locating a scholarly journal article that focuses on a special type of loss and various counseling strategies used in helping clients experiencing the special type of loss and then I need to summarize the article.

    I also need to locate a journal article that focuses on counseling strategies used to work with a grieving child or parent and then compare the issues facing a child who grieves over the loss of a parent with a parent who grieves over the loss of a child (what are the types of interventions used in each case).

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    As far as locating some articles, this one examines how kids and teens can deal with grief:

    Slyter, M. (2012). Creative Counseling Interventions for Grieving Adolescents. Journal Of Creativity In Mental Health, 7(1), 17-34.

    The article advises creative interventions with kids and teens such with a focus on the creative arts, "specifically music, visual arts, bibliotherapy, drama, and cinematherapy." On a personal level, the author also encourages kids to "maintain tangible connections with the person who died and promoting active engagement in meaningful rituals."

    As you compare the interventions, it seems like kids have trouble with the construct of time as opposed to ...

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