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    Common Stressors and Health Issues for the Caretakers of Chronically Ill Family Members/Loved Ones

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    My assignment is to create a paper and presentation of a stress management workshop and I need help with the population of individuals that are the caretakers of the chronically ill family members or loved ones. I am explaining and researching common stressors and related health issues for this population of individuals, and I need help with identifying additional stressors. Also, I need help in identifying other empirically supported stress management strategies for these stressors and population. Is there an explanation of why these strategies are appropriate for this population?

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    I am not sure if you have already chosen a topic; however, I recommend discussing either Alzheimer's disease and its affect on the caregivers, or cancer. Both are terminal diseases that put a heavy emotional, mental, and often physical strain on the caregiver(s). There is adequate research on both topics; however, I will give you an example of how to go forward with this assignment using Cancer as an example.

    "While the most common type of informal caregiving relationship is an adult child caring for an elderly parent, other common informal caregiving relationships include parents or grandparents caring for a child with cancer, a spouse caring for a spouse, or a neighbor, close friend, or members of the same house of worship caring for the cancer patient (CDC, 2013)."

    This quote was taken directly from the Center of Disease Control website: http://www.cdc.gov/cancer/survivorship/caregivers/
    There are more informative facts that you can use for this assignment as they go into the stressors that affect those who care for cancer patients.

    The common caretaker typically experiences severe depression as they watch their loved one's health steadily decline. They also experience fear, doubt, hopelessness, and grief. Caring ...

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    The solution discusses the common stressors and health issues for the caretakers of chronically ill family members/loved ones.