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Compassion Fatigue

Often caretakers find themselves on the edge of fatigue as a result of their work that is exhausting and demanding. Work-on-family conflict and family-on-work conflict are intertwined and can have disastrous impacts upon the performance of workers and their care for patients or also damage relationships within the family unit. These stresses can be deduced by others through body language given by the healthcare professional, therefore, to ensure that emotional reserves are built up within the caregiver, he or she must follow the adage of relax and restoration. These workers should seek counseling, confide in other caretakers to share feelings of anxiety, ensure that they make necessary time for relaxation and recreation for themselves to restore their emotional reserves and try their best to remain positive regardless of situations that are out of their control.


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Talking with family members, friends and close relatives have a positive effect on health care professionals. It is true that an image or portrait is worth a thousand words. Many healthcare providers find themselves tired of the fast pace, short staffing issues, and screaming patients as a result of their work. The field demands constant motion and walking for a minimum of 8 hours per day. Sometime your feet become ...

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How often do you find yourself on the edge of compassion fatigue, with your family, friends, coworkers, patients, or your clients? Do you think they can read it in your face? What can you do to be sure you have the emotional reserves to do what you need to do? Health care professionals experience fatigue as any profession. Suggestions are recommended for this demanding work. The expert shares how fatigue results and approaches to resolve it. Download today and gather ideas that can guide you through a successful nursing career.