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Compassion Fatigue and Burnout

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Briefly describe counselor burnout and compassion fatigue. Then evaluate how unifinished business, bias, countertransference, family issues, or any other challenging personal areas or experiences can contribute to burnout and compassion fatigue.

250 word and references

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Burnout is an issue with any profession. Compassion fatigue adds to counselor burnout. Compassion fatigue is the lack of compassion or emotional response to traumatic events (American Bar Association, 2011). As a counselor, it is your job to hear traumatic stories all the time. Sometimes these stories hit a personal cord with the counselor. An example is something I do. I run an online support group for victims of sexual assault. I hear the stories every day of what these individuals go through. It hits close to ...

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An overview on counselor burnout and compassion fatigue

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Ways of combating compassion fatigue in healthcare workers are explored.

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