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Terminating the Counseling Relationship

Give a brief description of the specific steps a counselor will take to terminate the counseling relationship. Then, describe two circumstances in which a counselor would terminate a counseling relationship, and explain why. Be specific.


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Ideally, termination must be tailored to follow the client's lead. Only they can know the effects of treatment and how they feel about ending the process.
1) Preparation by Counselor
It is important for the counselor to look ahead to the final phase of treatment. Anticipating and preparing for client's reaction to termination, in the end helps the counselor to help the client with the process. Trying not to overestimate or underestimate client's reaction is also of importance.
2) Client's feelings
A counselor should elicit client's feelings about termination. Since reactions can range from euphoria to abandonment, it is the counselor's role to accept client's feelings and help him or ...

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This solution provides a step-by-step method of the process of terminating a counseling relationship. In addition, it gives examples of types of termination. It includes over 400 words of descriptive information and references.