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School Counseling: Minors and Abortion

Maria is 14 years old, Hispanic, and Catholic. She recently found out after taking a home pregnancy test that she was nine weeks pregnant. She has told her best friend, Angela, and they both agree that Maria cannot tell her parents and that the best course of action is to secretly have an abortion. Angela also has recommended that Maria visit the school counselor for advice and direction on what to do and where to go for an abortion. Pretend that you are the school counselor. What advice might you present to Maria? In your advice, be sure to address how you will handle the issue of confidentiality, abortion, and any other choice present for Maria. Additionally, mention Colorado state laws regarding minors and abortion.

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As a school counselor is important to handle this case carefully and ethically in order to avoid placing one's own beliefs on abortion onto the client. With that said, the client's age makes this a very sensitive situation. Maria is a minor and, although the school counselor is incapable of making the decision for Maria, they are mandated to inform her of the state laws regarding minors and abortions.

It is important that the school counselor allows Maria to speak openly about her fears and why she feels uncomfortable informing her parents about the pregnancy? Does she fear how her parents will react? What does she fear will happen when they found out? One major ...

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This solution gives suggestion for providing school counseling to a pregnant minor contemplating an abortion without notifying her parents. I discuss the Colorado state laws regarding abortion and minors