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    Ethics and Supervision

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    From case below:
    -As the supervisor of this counselor trainee, what are your immediate legal and ethical concerns in this case?
    -what you would view as your primary responsibilities to the client, as well as to the counselor trainee.
    -What are the counselor trainee's responsibilities in this case? Summarize your state laws and the relevant ethical standards that would help you understand the issues in this case.
    -what steps could be taken to resolve them.


    Imagine that you are the supervisor of a counselor trainee who is working with a 16-year-old pregnant girl. The client is frightened and confused, and does not want to tell her parents or her 17-year-old boyfriend that she is pregnant until she can decide what she wants to do. She begs the counselor trainee to keep this information confidential. She is extremely distraught and says she's thought about suicide, although she has no immediate plans.

    The counselor trainee has strong feelings against abortion and says he is struggling to be "neutral" in this case. He has never worked with a suicidal client before, although he has developed a very good working relationship with this girl and does not believe she would actually make an attempt.

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    Ethics and Supervision

    ? As the supervision of this counselor's trainee, what are your immediate legal and ethical concerns in this case?

    A substantially proportion of sexually active girls who seek health care include obtaining contraceptives, or pregnancy prevention methods that may request that their parents not be told (Ford & English, 2002). In the presenting case study, the client asked the trainee to keep her information confidential. However, because of the issue of suicide, the decision to provide confidentiality becomes complex. For instance, the trainee's immediate legal and/or ethical concern would be the client's request for right to privacy. Another concern would be the trainee's potential bias against abortion. The trainee's bias could potentially violate an ethical principle (A) of the Professional Code of Conduct. Principle A (Beneficence and Nonmalefience) states that , when scientific and professional judgment and actions may affect the lives of others, psychologists/counselores are to... guard against personal, social, organizational and political factors that might lead to the misuse of their influence (Ethical standards and psychologists code of conduct, APA, 2002 as cited in Beresoff, p.30).

    ? What you would view as your primary responsibilities to the client, as well as the counselor trainee?

    Based on Ford & English's (2002) analyses on whether to honor the quest for confidentially in this case, the role of the supervisor is to communicate to the counselor trainee several important factors to consider including: (a) chronological age of the client, (b) his or her cognitive & psychosocial development,(c) the extent to which the client may have been exposed to abuse ...

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