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Ethical Code of School Counselors

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As a psychology teacher, am I bound by any of the ethical standards if I relay information overheard from a student concerning cheating in another teacher's class? For instance, I have been invited by the school counselor to a student counseling group session, and while I am there, students began talking about how they cheated on an exam in one of the other teacher's class. The teacher in question is also a friend of mine, so am I ethical bound to be quiet or can I relay this information to the teacher? If so, what ethical code(s) am I bound by?

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In a student counseling group session it would be considered a part of the student's psychological record. If you were participating in a counseling session with the school counselor, it would be best to discuss the situation with the school counselor to verify what the confidentiality laws are in that specific state, as they can vary by state. If the ...

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Discusses the scenario of a psychology teacher being in a school counseling group and overhearing something from the students. Discusses the code of ethics the teacher must follow based on this scenario.