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Potential Ethical Dilemmas

Can anyone help me identify two potential ethical dilemmas (Jan is showing an inability to cope with the couple). I need help with explaining the ethical dilemmas by referencing specific ethical codes from either AAMFT or IAMFC. Also, some potential resolutions for the dilemmas. (SEE ATTACHED).


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I believe that there are three ethical dilemmas in this case study. They are as follows: 1. The school counselor was a friend of Jan's. 2. When the children were brought into the sessions. 3. When Tom and Lisa both requested to see her separately for a few sessions. Tom and Lisa did not want each other to know that they asked this. The counselor should suggest separate sessions when she ...

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This short essay is about how ethics can show and explain about various dilemmas that affect our lives. It will also tell use that we all have the potential to help ourselves to use our own ethics.