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    Issues and Opportunities in the TeraTech scenario

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    Issues and Opportunities facing TeraTech, Stakeholder Perspectives and Ethical Dilemmas.

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    - TeraTech's sales rates were down in the last quarter due to customer dissatisfaction. Customers are concerned about TeraTech's current product functionality and its lack of analytical ability that will give maximum effectiveness.
    - TeraTech is facing increased competition in CRM and customers are being exposed to better products
    - In order to manage expenses, TeraTech will be unable to hire any new employees to support the new CRM analytical tool
    - The current employees/team does not have the skill set required to develop and support an analytical or modeling product.
    - TeraTech might not have enough time to develop this product since other competitors are already in the process

    - TeraTech has the opportunity to develop a CRM tool that will put them at the forefront of the competition, entice their customers and increase sales.
    - The CRM tool, if developed, will allow TeraTech to build a relationship with their current customers, and build customers' trust in the effectiveness of the product
    - TeraTech has the opportunity to be rated number one in customer satisfaction
    - TeraTech has the ...

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    This paper focuses on the issues and opportunities in the TeraTech scenario, as well as the stakeholder perspectives and ethical dilemmas.