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Marketing and Customer Relationship Concept Worksheet

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Read Scenario One: TeraTech and complete the Simulation "Automating a Support System. As you read through the scenario and the simulation, consider some potential opportunities for TeraTech and Z-Wing in the area of Marketing and Customer Relationship Management.

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I will pull information from my own MBA570 Tera Tech: Marketing & Customer Relationship Concept Worksheet, but there will be areas that you will have to expand on (personal experience at your own company/organization) and areas you will still need to elaborate or fine-tune (application of the concept I suggest or references for the applications) - since I have no idea which textbook you are using for this class (or at least which version). All of my textbook references can be found under this 'generic' APA reference...

Kerin, R.A., Hartley, S.W., Berkowitz, E.N., & Rudelius, W. (2006). Marketing, 8th edition. Chapter 3, pg 5. McGraw-Hill Companies: New York, New York. Retrieved April 15, 2007 from https://mycampus.phoenix.edu/secure/resource/resource.asp

So, basically, you are review the simulation and then, referring to the textbook afterwards, find concepts about this topic (marketing and a CRM - customer relationship management) and apply them to Tera Tech.

Again, I will be using the information I used for my own paper, but I will not be ...

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Follow along as I provide you with the 5 concepts I used in my UOP class (MBA 570), where I was presented with the same scenario and worksheet: Tera Tech's CRM system and the Marketing and Customer Relationship Concept Worksheet.

I outline the 5 concepts I use, mention several applications from the scenario that apply to those concepts and even provide my own insight for the Personal Experience column, so that you can find examples from your own company or organization.

Good luck!

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