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Expatriation ethics and values abroad and external factors

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Problems that arise in expatriation that go beyond the typical HRM responsibilities include the application of ethics and values abroad and external factors such as safety, security and counterterrorism. Explain these issues briefly. In what ways might the core ethical values and guidelines apply to them?

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The solution examines expatriation ethics and values abroad and external factors.

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The application of ethics and values abroad are very tricky, on the one hand you have to conform to the core principles of your company and your home country as well as binding international legislation. For example, in the United States you have the Foreign Corrupt Practices Acts (FCPA) which regulates the actions of U.S registered or based entity. At the same time you have to respect the local laws and customs within the country you are doing business in. Care must be taken not to violate the law both locally and internationally. For example, it is well documented that in some countries in order to win new business or speed up the bureaucratic process that well placed bribes are what some companies resolve to. This is ...

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