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    Criteria to consider when determining a companys ethics

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    Examine criteria that should be considered when determining if a company is ethical. In your opinion, explain what factors are important to you when determining the level of a company's ethics. Justify why these are important criteria. Consider both corporate and personal values in listing your criteria. Examples may include treatment of employees, compliance with laws, or treatment of environment (such as air quality).

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    When analyzing an organization for indicators that they are practicing good ethical business practices and are being socially responsible, there are some key internal and external factors to look for. To begin with, internally, it is always good to evaluate the company's reputation with the customers they serve. Are they talked about positively or negatively, and if negatively, why? This may help establish where to look for ethical flaws. Customers expect high ethical standards and when they are not being met, you will note high quality concerns and other customer related actions that can indicate poor ethical management decisions being made (Hatfield, 2010).

    Second, the employees are key ...

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    Another very important factor to consider is society's impression which is an external factor. How the company is perceived in the community, legislation or regulations that have been imposed for poor environmental and other hazards or any other socially irresponsible actions will help determine ethical work standards (Ross, 2008). Through evaluation of these key factors one will be able to better gauge if a company is living up to their ethical requirements and meeting society's expectations.